“But God.”

I love it when ordinary phone call turns into a “God moment.” A Pastor (whom we were scheduled to be in service with) called to “touch base” with me concerning our upcoming concert. He asked for prayer and we began to speak of God’s faithfulness. As we hung up, I felt the Holy Spirit convict … Continue reading “But God.”

Nuggets of Truth..

I often wish I could invent a time machine and go back 25-30 years. What would I do? Oh, yeah I’d invest in Walmart, Apple and Starbucks. I’d also find the younger Bryan Hutson. I’d try and knock some sense into his very thick and stubborn head! What would I tell him? Well, about a … Continue reading Nuggets of Truth..


Well, today I turned 48. Truth? I honestly never thought I’d live this long. Today I came home to an empty house. Lexie and Cha were at the Zoo, Yvonne, Jake and Bailey were driving Kelsey (Jake’s girlfriend) to meet her parents. I was carrying a basket of towels to the washing machine and I … Continue reading 48….

Tears In The Checkout.

Well, a few days ago, after making pancakes for Cha Cha one morning, we headed out to the grocery store. Cha Cha (our almost 2 year old granddaughter) amazes me how smart and observant she is. She knows her primary colors and says “Hi” to many people. She is drawn to certain people. We were … Continue reading Tears In The Checkout.

More on Granny..

Well, our family is trying to find a “new normal.” A week from tomorrow we celebrated my Granny Woods’ homegoing. I thought I’d take a few minutes and list some of her favorite things. She loved: Fried Chicken, Baked Chicken, Chicken strips, Chicken sandwiches and Chicken. Did I mention that she loved chicken? She loved … Continue reading More on Granny..

A Lesson From The Clubhouse..

It’s funny how God speaks to me sometimes. Recently, I was watching an episode of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” with our granddaughter; Charlotte. (The things you do for your grand baby.) Mickey and his friends were searching for their friend Professor Von Drake, so he could show them Mickey’s Comet. During their search, they were … Continue reading A Lesson From The Clubhouse..